Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Wicklow ~ 60

This pipe is stamped:
Peterson's 'Wicklow' - 60-

Made in the Republic of Ireland.

Wicklow is known as "the Garden of Ireland" and is just south of Dublin. The pipe is deeply blasted with a great sunrise pattern on one side of the bowl. The shape is a prince with a saddle cut twin-bore mouthpiece, and it is 6 1/4" long. The bowl is 1 1/2" high with an inside diameter of 7/8".

The original owner purchased it in the 80's.

If you own a "Wicklow" or any other Peterson with an original twin-bore bit please do comment.

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Anonymous said...

About a tear ago, I picked up a Wicklow in a straight pot shape. It has a standard P-lip stem and is a better than decent smoker.

Chuck Wright