Thursday, July 26, 2007

Testimony: Peterson military mounting system

petersonguy Knoxboard Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:31 pm

As evidence of my faith and success with this Peterson military mounting system,
I've constantly carried a fully assembled Peterson in my left front pants pocket
for over forty years of delivering mail, bending, stooping, and sitting, and
have yet to have any problems. You can disassemble it if you wish, but it kinda
makes a mess, and is not at all necessary. You'd actually have to TRY to damage
one of these wonderful pipes. Like anything, above all you want the thing to do
what you want it to, when you want it to, and it hasn't failed me yet

Latakia Konxboard Yoda posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:30 pm

And a couple more thoughts. I've been in a Peterson state of mind, today.

..just finished cleaning and etc. a number of older pipes this afternoon---mostly Dunhills---and the delicacy and fussiness of the traditional, parallel, non-banded bit/bowl junction jumped out at me, after having handled mostly Petes this past week. Their trademark banded/domed shank with a tapered "jam fit" bit truly IS a better solution. The so-called Military design. It means:

  1. Cracking a shank is (for all practical purposes) impossible

  2. Bit removal can be safely done regardless of the pipe's temperature

  3. Alignment isn't the often tedious several full turn "chirp at a time" process, but just a quick 1/16 turn while applying a little inward pressure.

  4. And the biggie: The unequal expansion and contraction of the bowl and bit because they are made of different materials, stops being an issue. Heat and humidity are the biggest dimensional change inducers, of course, meaning the situation is unavoidable. So... how about using a design where a perfect bit/shank fit isn't dependent on dimensional constancy? (Duh!)

The only negative I can think of: Most repairmen do not have access to Peterson replacement bits and parts. If work is needed, you only have a limited number of choices.

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Dallas S. Volk said...

I have had the same wonderful experience with the military mount, and all of Petersons system pipes present the same feeling of confidence. I only look for banded or military mounted Petersons for my collection these days. I live in Illinois, where if you don't like the wait 5 minutes. I don't ever wish to crack the shank on one of my beauties.