Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mission Statement

The Peterson Pipe Project has been established to accumulate information relative to: the pipes, shapes, styles, their tobacco and most importantly the people who smoke them.
  • Do you have a story to share?
  • Are you a Peterson Collector?
  • Do you own pre-republic Peterson's?

Whether afficianado or expert, your input matters....


Anonymous said...

As a Peterson Pipe collector I am very interested in the development and progress of this project and wish it every success.
Kindest regards

Dallas S. Volk said...

2008 Pipe Of The Year (Smooth Limited Edition)

I love Peterson pipes. I especially love my high-end Petes, with their meticulous hand-craftsmanship and glorious silverwork. From the Rosslare up, they (almost) always are adorned with an inlaid P on the stem. You know, that funny looking two-sided P with a tail! This is the finishing master touch to the best pipes they offer. I was quite dissapointed to discover my limited edition smooth 2008 pipe of the year had a much less attractive stamped P where I expected to see the true silver trademark. I don't want to come across as a negative knit-picker, but a $275 Peterson just isn't the same without it. I wrote to the retailer from whom I bought my '08 and told them that the picture in circulation clearly shows the pipe wearing its proper P. I even found a different retailer which appeared to have an '08 with the inlaid stem. My retailer of choice didn't know what to say to that. If there are any other readers who have purchased the smooth '08, please respond, so that we might get the attention of the Peterson company and hopefully persuade them to reconsider using average stamped stems for such special pipes like these in the future. If anyone knows a more direct method of getting their attention...please let me know.