Monday, July 30, 2007

Peterson Guy: Mark R. Mahan

Mark R. Mahan
Author of the now defunct website, "The Thinking Man's Peterson's Pipe Page." It's been stagnant now for probablly years but none-the-less, worth a peek. Its inspiring that someone would take the effort to create a website (be it ever so humble) dedicated to his love of Peterson's pipes.

Mark has/had a wonderful collection of "Pre-Republic Peterson's", as well as as pipes made in pipes made in the "Republic of Ireland. " There is a nice picture of MAker with Tom Palmer of Peterson's.

I hope some day Mark will find this site, and give us a holler!

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Anonymous said...

I am alive and kicking. I can be reached at My collection has slowly gotten smaller due to 3 young ones. But my love for the p lip still burns inside me.